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Request for Qualifications - Station 1 Remodel

September 17, 2020

STATUTORY PROCEDURE: I.C. §§ 67-2805 (2)(b)
Category B Bidding Procedure

Public works construction contemplated to exceed $200,000.00

The Board of Commissioners have determined to establish prequalification standards for prospective bidders on the herein described public works construction project which are premised upon demonstrated technical competence, experience construction similar facilities and prior experience with political subdivisions of the state of Idaho, available nonfinancial resources, equipment and personnel and performance history in accordance with the standards for evaluation as herein set forth herein. 

1.                  DATE AND LOCATION UPON WHICH PRE-QUALIFICATION STATEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED:  All prospective bidders are to have their Pre-Qualification Statement in sealed envelopes with a precise statement on the outside stating: "Pre-qualifications Statement [Insert name of Bidder] submitted in response to Kuna Rural Fire District Prequalification Bid Notice No. 2020-01 " and personally delivered to the office of the Kuna Rural Fire District [Fire Chief] 150 West Boise St. Kuna, Idaho 83634 on or before the 14th day of October, 2020 by 1:00 p.m. Pre-qualification Statements received after the deadline will be returned to the prospective bidder unopened and will not be considered. 

2.         DESCRIPTION OF THE PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION PROJECT:  The project is to include the design and build a remodel of the Fire District’s Fire Station No. 1 located at 150 West Boise St. Kuna, Idaho 83634 which design and remodel includes: additional space for 4 sleeping rooms, office spaces, remodel of existing bathrooms and additional bathrooms for a total of 4 separate complete bathrooms and one addition 5th public use bathroom, kitchen remodel and enlargement for addition space for refrigerators, pantries, cooking surface , storage space, and dishwashers, enlargement of dining area to accommodate 12 persons with additional space and area bank for locking cabinets, addition of a day room, addition of an educational and charting room, a laundry room, a radio charging room, and a training/classroom and exercise room in accordance with the Fire Station No. 1 Design and Remodel Specifics prepared by the Fire Chief which are available upon request of the Fire District Secretary at or the Fire Chief at  or at Fire Station No. 1 at 150 W Boise Street, Kuna, Idaho or by mail to  PO Box 607, Kuna ID 83634 or by phone to the Office: 208-922-1144, ext 8.  


§  Have a valid state of Idaho Public Works Construction license AA or higher;

§  Verification of a least ten (10) continuous years to the present of Public Works Construction; and

§  Identify the licensed architect and/or engineer who would design and oversee construction of the Project; and

§  Verification of bonding capacity for performance bond and payment bond in a minimum amount of $2,000,000.00 for the Project; and

§  Verification of Insurability for the project to include workers compensation as required by I.C. § 72-301, liability not less than the sum of $500,000.00 single-limit coverage; and

§  Verification of at least two (2) prior completed design build public works construction projects; and

§  Verification of prior experience in and completion of the construction of Fire Stations; and

§  Verification of at least five (5) prior completed public works construction projects with government subdivisions of the state of Idaho; and

§  Identification of any public works construction design build projects; and

§  Identification of job foreman for public works construction project with five (5) years or more prior public works construction project foreman experience. 

4.         QUALIFICATION STATEMENTS OPENING AND EVALUATION: All Qualification Statements received will be opened the 14th day of October, 2020 at the hour of 1:00 p.m. in the commissioner meeting room in Fire Station No. 1 at 150 West Boise St. Kuna, Idaho 83634 by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, together with the Fire District Secretary, who shall keep a record of the opening of the Qualifications Statements, and no person will be denied the right to be present for the opening of the proposals. All Qualifications Statements will be evaluated by the Fire District Chief and/or his designee/s for determination of qualification for bidding in accordance with the minimum requirements.

The decision of the Board of Commissioners for the selection of the licensed contractors that meet the prequalification standards will be made in an open meeting and within 60 days of the proposal opening
By:      Krystal Hinkle, Secretary
Kuna Rural Fire District   

Written objections to prequalification procedures herein noticed must be delivered to the office of the Kuna Rural Fire District [Fire Chief] 150 West Boise St. Kuna, Idaho 83634 and received at least three (3) business days before the date and time qualification statements must be submitted.