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Call Statistics 2021

Year to date totals 2021 (click to open)
May contain: plot, chart, and measurements

The purpose of the Kuna Rural Fire District is to serve and protect the residents of Kuna and the Kuna Rural Fire District.

It is important that you see how the Kuna Rural Fire District serves the community.

Statistics include all fire and medical calls to which Kuna Rural Fire District responds. Medical calls can include health emergencies, lift assists and traumatic injuries, as well as assisting police upon request. Calls categorized as Fire include fire suppression as well as public service requests, hazardous materials, rescue, fire alarms and gas leaks. 

 Mutual Aid agreements are in place with surrounding fire districts and EMS agencies, to ensure adequate protection for residents of Ada and Canyon counties, in the event the demand for services overwhelms the district or agency responding to an incident.   Sometimes mutual aid is requested and then cancelled, once the true nature and needs of a call for service are determined by the responding agency.  

 Apparatus Legend:

M61 = Ambulance                           E61 = Fire Engine                              BR61 = Brush Truck

M63 = Ambulance                           E62 = Fire Engine                              BR62 = Brush Truck

601 = Fire Chief                               602 = Deputy Chief                          WT61 = Water Tender