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2023 - Firefighter Recruitment 


·         Kuna Rural Fire District will be hiring 1 Fulltime firefighter position in March of 2023 and compiling a hiring list for the hiring of (6) Fulltime firefighter positions in June of 2023. 

·         Kuna Rural Fire District is currently a Fulltime paid department with 15 Fulltime firefighters.

·         We provide service from one station; with a compliment of 2 Structure Engines, 2 Type 4 wildland brush units and 1 water tender.  Station 2 is planned to be built in 2024 and the delivery of our 3rd Structure Engine in 2023.

·         Population is approximately 32,000 within the city limits and growing rapidly, as is the entire Treasure Valley.

·         Our service area includes approximately 110 square miles of commercial, light industrial, residential, agriculture and open range.

·         We provide contract services to the Idaho Department of Corrections and Meta.

We are very excited about the future of our fire district and motivated to provide the best and highest quality of service to our customers within our boundaries.  We respond to a large variety of incidents which include rescues, extrications, medical, public assistance, structure and wildland fires.  Our number one goal is to hire members who are first and foremost good people and that always strive for a high level of integrity, honesty, kindness.  This career is a “Craft”, and we ask that you come to work every day ready to be challenged to do your best and hone your skills to be able to provide the best outcome to every incident.

Our promise is to provide a safe and high-quality working environment that truly cares for its members and their families.  We use the term “Everyone Goes Home” and that means everyone goes home safe, happy and satisfied. 

Entry Level Salary:    

·         $60,099.99 Annually for first year 

·         Certified Paramedics: Will receive an additional $5,400.00 per year above the base salary.


·         Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)

·         PERSI 401k match, up to 6.2%

·         Health Insurance

·         Paid Vacation

·         Paid Sick Leave

·         Medical Expense Retirement Plan (MERP)

Work Schedule:

·         48 Hours on, 96 hours off

·         2920 total hours worked annually

·         26 pay periods annually

Minimum Requirements:

·         Firefighter 1 through IFSAC, Pro-board or Kuna Rural Fire District recognized program at time of hire date

·         National Registered EMT Basic or Idaho EMT Basic license.

·         Minimum hiring age is 18 years old

·         GED or High School Diploma

·         Possess a valid driver’s license

·         Successfully complete the District’s Physical Ability Test

Additional Desired Qualifications:

·         Firefighter 2 through IFSAC, Pro-board or Kuna Rural Fire District recognized program at time of hire date.

·         National Registered Paramedic or Idaho Paramedic license

·         Any additional certifications that are commensurate with job skills

·         Fulltime fire service experience beyond one year


The district does not discriminate on the bases of Race, Religion, Sex, Creed, Age, Sexual Preference, or Nationality of Origin.


Hiring Process

Applications will be accepted

January 1, 2023 until February 1, 2023

Send all resumes, applications and supporting documents to

Attn:  Firefighter Recruitment

All correspondence for this hiring process will be conducted through direct email communications


1.       Complete official Kuna Rural Fire District Employment Application

Employment Application 2023.pdf

2.       Submit full resume with copies of applicable certifications attached

3.       Submit current NTN Test Score.  Acceptable NTN Tests shall be completed through:

1.      Select Find Jobs at top of page

2.      Select Firefighter jobs

3.      Scroll down to Idaho

4.      Select Kuna Rural Fire District

Dates accepted from November 1, 2022 to February 1, 2023.  No test scores will be accepted outside of that date range.

4.       Submit current CPAT test certificate, completed within one-year prior of February 1, 2023, through a certified CPAT testing agency.

5.       For those that do not have a certificate of current CPAT test score, a CPAT testing will be conducted during the hiring process.  Dates TBD. 

6.       After the closing date, Kuna Rural Fire District will review each application and will determine which candidates will move forward through the hiring process.  Each candidate will be notified of their progression via email.

7.       Candidates moving forward in the process will be given interview dates and will be able to schedule an interview time.  A letter from Kuna Rural Fire District will follow to verify dates and times for the specific interview.

8.       After the interview process, candidate notifications will be sent via email.



Please do not contact the Fire District regarding the hiring progression.  All correspondence will be handled via email.