Odor In Kuna


AUGUST 7, 2018

At approximately 0600 on August 6, 2018, Kuna Fire Department started receiving calls for a “gas odor” outside at multiple site around the City of Kuna and Southern Ada County. Intermountain Gas was notified but after investigation determined that there were no breaches or leaks in their system in Southern Ada County. The smell dissipated around 1300 on Monday.

Today at approximately 0300 members of the community again reported smelling a gas odor until approximately 1100. Intermountain Gas has received over 100 calls in the last two days. No natural gas leaks have been found and all regulator stations are functioning normally with no breaches.

Representatives from Kuna Fire Department, Intermountain Gas, Ada County Sherriff’s Office, Kuna City Police, and the City of Kuna are actively working together to identify the source. As of right now we have received no additional calls regarding the odor and there have been no reported illnesses or injuries as a result of the odor. At this time we do not believe that odor is hazardous in nature.

Anyone who smells gas in or around their residence is encouraged to call Intermountain Gas 800-548-3679.


Deputy Chief Terry Gammel

T: (208) 922-1144

E: tgammel@kunafire.com